NIGHT &; DAY is a action/adventure like game that tolds the story of Lyssa and Colwyn, an impossible love between two people that cannot be together due to a terrible spell: One of them will walk only in daytime while the other will stay in an eternal night.


The couple will travel along the world of Celuria, facing the army of Mina, the Red Queen and her five generals.


Coming soon to PC and consoles



Coming soon in 2016


Play with two character in a simultaneous way.

Travel along the world of Celuria through 40 frantic levels.

Fight against the five generals of the Red Witch and their minions.

Take advantage of Interactive elements: portals, hatches, potions and magic spells.

Usage of several camera angles during the game, adding cinematic effect.

Discover the history of Celuria and its protagonists through the Touros' Scrolls.

Event resolution throught QTE

Online and local coop multiplayer mode.